Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Lindsay Lopez is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston, Texas, ready to help you with the overwhelming legal processes. Whether you are involved in a drug, alcohol-related, sex, or violent crime, make sure you contact us to schedule an appointment or a phone consultation.

With the changes in the laws involving marijuana, making any statement to a law enforcement officer regarding the substance in your possession may be the difference between going to jail or going home.

It is important to keep in mind that nearly every law enforcement officer is equipped with a body camera that is both visually and audibly recording your interaction to potentially be used as evidence against you during plea bargaining with the District Attorney’s office at a future bench or jury trial. The officer is aware of this and behaves accordingly…you should as well.

All property crimes stem from the intent to deprive another of their property. It is the intent what matters

Property crimes are particularly important to hire a defense counselor because they are categorized as crimes of moral turpitude. Moral turpitude is a fancy way of saying crimes involving dishonesty. Once you have a property crime such as a theft charge on your record it is extremely difficult to find employment.

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